Bryan Feller

Bryan Feller Associates

Bryan Feller does just about everything. Among his many responsibilities, Bryan is currently the Executive Director of the National Christian Foundation of California, and he places particular emphasis on using business as a channel for ministry. When I met him in 2012, he was operating predominantly in a marketing capacity, and as a budding web and marketing guru myself, I was able to learn from his vast experience in the field. Under his tutelage, I started working with multiple businesses and non-profit organizations, including Today’s Urban Renewal Network (TURN), Path of Life Ministries, and Marc Pro.

The work covered just about everything pertaining to marketing. I helped draft content, program web sites (using WordPress), and create professional presentations for his clients. I also helped augment his personal web presence by contributing to his blog and portfolio site, Bryan Feller Associates. The original site has since been replaced, but you can learn more about Bryan and his work at his current blog.